No More Drama

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There was a season in my life – actually quite a bit of my life was so full of drama- and I loved it.  I revelled at being in the midst of a happening crowd! But, the last ten years of my life have been on the ‘back burner’, slow…..

Life has a way of slowing you down – what with mummy duties, work, bills etc. It’s hard to keep up with what is going on in other people’s life. It’s got to a point where if an opportunity for potential drama presents itself, I just flee.  I flee over-talkers, ramblers, “busy, busy” types leave me feeling giddy. Another group of people I flee from are those who leave my soul and spirit heavy with anxiety or worry. Those who make me question my worth as a person.

I gravitate towards the simple life, the quiet life. I enjoy gardening, writing, cooking and baking. How life changes. You would never have caught me doing these things ten years ago.  Oh, no way! I was a high powered executive, travelling and managing programmes. Now, a part of me is introverted and the other part enjoys being with people – although I have noticed that the company I keep gravitates towards quietness.

So, I stay away from arguments and avoid getting caught up in other people’s drama. I rate people’s open mindedness before I move a conversation forward.  Living the quiet life has brought about amazing ideas and skills I previously ignored while living the fast life.  I teach my son and spend time with him. I have learned to make hair products for my natural hair and do my nails in my all time favourite….acrylic nails. Bye bye salon and nail parlor.

There is a season and a time for everything under the sun and I am enjoying this season.

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