The Prince With A Dead Dog Mentality

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A story is told of a young man called Mephibosheth, the son of a prince and grandson of a King.  At a young age, Mephibosheth became lame, and when his father, Prince Jonathan, and grandfather, King Saul, died in battle, his life changed.  He lived quietly, in the shadows.

When David is anointed King of Israel, after the death of King Saul and Jonathan, he seeks to show kindness to anyone related to Jonathan his dear friend.  That is when David first hears of Mephibosheth.  Now, we all know how close he and Jonathan were, so, King David invites Mephibosheth to sit at his table and dine with him and his sons.  At this invitation, Mephibosheth falls down before King David in homage and says “What is your servant that you should show regard for a dead dog, such as I?”

What a shocking statement coming from a prince. A young man with such a heritage.  Although he is crippled, he is still a prince, yet his confession is that he is a dead dog.

This story resonates with me because many times I am like Mephibosheth. Although I am the daughter of The King, I still battle with self esteem issues, failures and guilt.  I am broken and crippled and my life has more challenges than I care to think about.  Yet God invites me to sit at His table and enjoy His presence but I have this dead dog mentality: I am broken, in debt, but God sees me as His daughter, a princess. 

The most amazing thing about sitting at the king’s table, with all the other princes is that the broken and crippled feet are hidden under the table.  As they eat and chat, the crippled feet are not an issue. It’s like that with God, when we sit at His table we are loved and appreciated.  The focus is not on our brokenness but His love for us. 

When I spend time with God, I remember that in my failures, challenges and brokenness, when I am weak then God is strong.  I marvel in that reality, that God loves me even when I am weak.

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