The Underdog

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The term ‘underdog’ refers to anyone who is considered the weaker of two competitors and is depicted clearly in the David and Goliath story. Generally, underdogs are expected to lose in the competition.

In life, underdogs are considered less experienced, less talented, less visible.  It has been observed, however, that there is power in being an underdog, untried, unexposed and untested.  Nobody knows just what you can do, how creative, energetic or strategic you can be.  This can create the element of surprise.

There’s been instances in politics when an unlikely candidate becomes president – the element of surprise when Donald Trump won an election!  So, can a disadvantage or a weakness lead to hidden strength? Can a less talented, less experienced competitor turn things around and win?  In sporting events, there have been times while lop-sided parties are competing, the spectators exaggerate the strength of the stronger competitor and under estimate the strength of the underdog and the underdog springs a surprise and wins, much to everyone’s shock: Usain Bolt and Mohammed Ali were all defeated by underdogs.

Underdogs sometimes win because their weaknesses, lack of experience force them to be creative, strategic and energetic many times resulting in an surprise win!  As an underdog you can turn your disadvantages into advantages.  Study yourself, acknowledge what your strengths and weaknesses are.  Then study your opponents and find out what their strengths and weaknesses are. Then use your strength to counter your opponent and spring a surprise!

So, I take courage in my weaknesses, lack of talent and inexperience and I focus on my energy, creativity and analytic abilities.  Everyone has strengths, focus on them, use them and spring a surprise!

But beware, when you become a legend there are underdogs waiting in the shadows.

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