I See My Reflection

One of the things that has amazed me about relationships is that they are a reflection of who I am. Remember ‘birds of a feather’, or ‘the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree’? Yeah, it’s all true.  Fortunately, or regretfully, we attract who we are; if we are confident we attract confident people.  TheContinue reading “I See My Reflection”

The Underdog

The term ‘underdog’ refers to anyone who is considered the weaker of two competitors and is depicted clearly in the David and Goliath story. Generally, underdogs are expected to lose in the competition. In life, underdogs are considered less experienced, less talented, less visible.  It has been observed, however, that there is power in beingContinue reading “The Underdog”

No More Drama

There was a season in my life – actually quite a bit of my life was so full of drama- and I loved it.  I revelled at being in the midst of a happening crowd! But, the last ten years of my life have been on the ‘back burner’, slow….. Life has a way ofContinue reading “No More Drama”

I Will Walk On Dry Ground

It’s hard to believe Difficult to conceive How a multitude of People Escaping their captors Running from slavery and hardship Fathers, Mothers and Children All facing the flooded waters It’s hard to believe they all walked on dry ground With a shepherd’s staff Moses tapped the waters In the midst of rising anxiety For theContinue reading “I Will Walk On Dry Ground”

I am not getting married to wash my husband’s clothes!

Recently, a person I am acquainted with made a startling statement.  It went like this; “Me, I am not getting married to wash my husband’s clothes”. I was particularly astonished because the same lady is single and aspiring to get married. Out of curiosity, I pursued the statement with her while wondering why she wouldContinue reading “I am not getting married to wash my husband’s clothes!”

The Cave of Adullam

Teach me to hide my thoughts from those who would Feel threatened by my dreams Help me to measure my words May I hide my emotions from those who would Glory in my anxieties Teach me to seek Your counsel May I hide my skills from those who would Fear I may surpass them TeachContinue reading “The Cave of Adullam”


Sometimes I feel like our city was built on an ant hill. A gigantic ant hill. That’s because I am constantly battling armies of ants, marching in a straight line towards food; morsels of rice, beans, potatoes that have fallen off the dining table.  Yes, I know that the Word alludes to their hard workingContinue reading “BATTLE OF THE ANTS”


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